The Issues Of The Pharmaceutical Industry Essay

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The pharmaceutical industry has an issue that has been ongoing for years. The price of drugs are outrageous. Drug prices are unregulated and a lot of Americans are unaware of what pharmaceuticals do. They control the pricing of drugs that are prescribed to patients. In recent articles written by Andrew Pollack from The New York Times and Heather Long from CNN Wire, they discuss a similar topic but provide their information gathered from different perspectives. One takes the issue on whether it is lawful and just, while the other just gives basic information on the situation.
While both news articles discuss the shocking price increase of the drug, Daraprim. The CNN Wire article, "Drug That Skyrocketed 5,000% Hasn 't Come down in Price," by Heather Long, provides a more elaborate reasoning of why it was increased. She quotes Martin Shkreli, the CEO for Turing Phamaceuticals, in how he wants to “develop a new drug for toxoplasmosis.” She also mention him saying that he has agreed to lower the price of the drug. He made the announcement in September that he would lower the price of Daraprim, which caused people to brush it off. Since, no new news has been made about him decreasing the amount, people have decided to cause uproar again.
On another note, Andrew Pollack from The New York Times wrote the article “New York Attorney General Examining if Turing Restricted Drug Access.” In his article, he mainly discusses on how the attorney general office is focusing on if the…

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