The Issues Of Human Beings Essay

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Human beings love to communicate with one another and share private matters with each other. Without interacting with one another, the existence of human beings would not have lasted this long. Animals are able to interact with each other, and are bound together mostly with their own kind of species. However, animals lack the skill of reason, morality and consciousness that human beings have, which makes us different from other living creatures. Moreover, human beings intend to communicate and interact with everyone around, but mostly the ones we love and share common interests with. Although people communicate and interact with one another every day, we are not perfect human beings. Human beings tend to make a lot of mistakes, learn from their mistakes, and help everyone around us including ourselves. In “To Drink” Jane Hirshfield emphasized the notion that people need each other in this world to sustain their stressful lives. This includes communication, connection, and empathy in the modern stressed society. The themes of the poem deal with religion, trauma, romance, love, memory, depression and happiness. The theme illustrates that human beings struggle through hardship and happiness in order to find the meaning and purpose in life.
In the beginning of her poem, she noted, “I want to gather your darkness in my hands, to cup it like water and drink” (1). The diction in the sentence is “darkness.” In the denotation context “darkness” represents a dark, gloomy place. On…

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