Essay on The Issue Regarding 348 Ride

1082 Words Apr 5th, 2016 null Page
The Issue Regarding 348 Ride Many parents have been coaxed by the university into believing that students always will have a safe way to get home after a long night at the library or a night spent on the strip. Little do they know, 348 Ride which is supposed to be a reliable source of transportation isn’t the slightest bit reliable. Students get hung up on, yelled at or flat out ignored by these drivers hired by the university to come pick students up and get them to where they need to be. As more students ride 348-RIDE, more complaints arise about the safe ride that they are promised. The university does not have Uber, which is a ride service offered through out the United States. Uber has been used for many years to get people to and from places to try and keep the amount of drinking and driving down. Due to Uber being executed so greatly, many people continue to request a safe ride to come and pick them up. I believe that Uber was available on campus, students would choose that, a ride that requires payment over 348-RIDE, a free transportations service. We the students of the University of Alabama deserve a reliable source of transportation to get across campus late at night as crime rates have steadily ascended. Although there is a system where students can file complaints, many have complained but nothing has been done to improve student transportation. Students receive almost weekly emails from UAPD describing new suspects of crimes which occur late at night as the…

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