Essay about The Issue Of Welfare Reform

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Welfare has always been a major point in today’s politics; every election the debate is brought forth once more and again when the Federal budget comes to the floor. It is assumed by many in the population that the program is for the lazy and encourages the poor to not find work or continues to have dependents to increase the amount of benefits they can receive. Many argue that it is the “right” of the individual to receive aid from the government when they cannot support their family. Others agree help is warranted but there must be limits set to avoid fraud or the program becomes not an aid but a way of life. Over the course of our nation’s history welfare reform has taken on many new faces and gone through many struggles. Now many feel it is time for the Federal government to give the program back to the states and force hundreds off the program and back into a flaccid job market. But will this help or cripple our nation’s economy and strength? How can we deny families, the elderly and the disabled any aid? If we deny them food and other aid are we teaching them independence or sentencing them to possible death? The program does work but it takes the joint effort of the National as well as the State and Local government, without one the others would not be able to stand on its own merit. The Federal program for welfare covers an extensive amount of ground. Most Americans assume that welfare is just giving money to the lazy or uneducated, but it…

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