Essay about The Issue Of Vietnam And Afghanistan

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Vietnam and Afghanistan
The war not only dehumanizes both nations, but it also distracts from domestic issues in both America and Afghanistan. It dehumanizes Americans because they begin to believe it is acceptable for America have to the right to deem what’s acceptable socially, economically, and politically for other nations and America enforces those beliefs on other nations through wars that slaughter that nation’s integrity and culture. This creates fear in the surrounding nations and indirectly forces these surrounding nations to accept and conform to western views, and culture. In addition, the US and Afghanistan share many of the same issues like poverty, lack of proper educational issues, political corruption and racism. This dehumanization of nations “poisons America’s soul” (King, 1967) and stunts the social, economic and moral progress of America.
Furthermore, with a war going on, everyone is distracted because they are either worried about their relative that is in the war or worried about the wellbeing of their country. An example of a harmful distraction is the push for gay rights in Africa. Obama is giving speeches on gay rights to some countries in Africa. LGBTQIA rights are extremely important and the violence going on against them is saddening, but other issues need to be addressed first. One extra issue detracts from the rest. It is easy for an American to pay complete attention to Supreme Court decision on marriage equality and easily ignored the other…

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