The Issue Of Transgender Restroom Essay

1203 Words Oct 23rd, 2016 5 Pages
There are many issues that have been the center of many debates throughout this country to that of legalizing marijuana to that of legally allowing transgender to utilize bathroom that they categorize themselves to be either female or male. The issue of individuals of the LGBT groups is a topic that is dear to my heart and that has been publicized more so within the last few months or so; especially during the presidential election and is challenged by many peoples within the public sector to help “determine what is legal and morally right for an individual” () that believe that they should have the right to use whatever restroom that they identify with. I believe that members of the LGBT group do have the same equal right to be treated with respect and dignity of being able to use the appropriate restroom that they feel most comfortable in with their identity and allowing the United Stated government on both sides from state and local policymakers to make a decision on this issue.
The issue of transgender restroom has sparked many controversies regarding those that support this issue such as the interests groups of “The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender population and their supporters” () have taken their concerns for the right to use public restrooms without being harassed or discriminated against or even harm by those that oppose this issue. There are groups such as the lobbyist and public interest groups that have stepped up to voice their concerns to have the…

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