The Issue Of Tobacco Free Parks Essay examples

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Last year, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg made headlines when he signed the legislation that began making all city parks, pedestrian plazas, and beaches a smoke-free zone. While news of this created a national awareness pertaining to the issue, the overall issue of tobacco free parks has been gaining publicity for quite some time now. Although contributions such as those from Mayor Bloomberg make a significant impact, most of the success comes from gradual consensus building within communities. The real changes however, come when advocates of health, local residents, and park employees all work together in the effort to raise public awareness on the widely used tobacco, as well as its related issues. Some of the major points of concern are, secondhand smoke, litter from cigarettes, and promoting a positive environment and role model for children. Secondhand smoking is just as dangerous to those around you as personally smoking a cigarette yourself. The liter issue is a very costly one, economically as well as environmentally. Cigarettes butts are scattered throughout cities by the ten’s of thousands. Lastly, we have the influence on children whom tend to repeat and follow in the footsteps of those around them. “The driving force behind a policy is really community enforcement, setting a new norm within the community that makes citizens kind of reach out to one another and say, “You know this isn’t allowed here, Anderson explains.” “Tobacco use is not normal in the parks.”…

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