The Issue Of Teen Pregnancy Essay

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Public Health Problem Teen Pregnancy is a problem that is completely preventable. It seems as if teen pregnancy has become a hot topic over the recent years, however this concern has been around for centuries. Teen pregnancy can be traced to the Puritans, traditionally if a young female was considered ready she would be made a wife, and then a mother (Adolescent Pregnancy in America). In the United States from the 1950’s to the 1970’s teenage pregnancy rates increased about 47% however, more recent trends are showing that teen pregnancy rates have been decreasing, especially in the United States (CDC: About Teen Pregnancy). Although rates are gradually declining nearly one million teenagers are becoming pregnant yearly in the U.S. Teen pregnancy happens in our society because teenagers can be misinformed or uniformed about sex (Adolescent Pregnancy in America: Causes and Responses). Teens do not know about contraceptives, or some of the possible consequences of sex (Adolescent Pregnancy in America). Additionally, many teens are encouraged to be abstinent. Family structure also plays a factor in teen pregnancies. Teenagers who lived in an unstable home (one parent homes) or with an unstable family began sexual behavior as a coping mechanism for comfort. Teens who dealt with rejection from parents also looked to boost their self-esteem with sex. Teens who lived in two parent homes, and had stable families were found to have lower rates of teen pregnancy. Teenage pregnancies…

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