The Issue Of Social Classes Essay

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a. Milwaukee has the issue of social classes that are right next to each other. In the UWM area, it is mostly professionals and students. But surrounding that area, is lower-income higher crime areas. For college students and low-income families access to affordable fruits and vegetables is the main issue. Whole Foods has a great variety of food, but it’s expensive. Meanwhile Walmart and Aldi’s are still over a mile from UWM and offer poor quality fruits and vegetables.

b. Even in the professional area surrounding UWM, there are no farmer’s markets. Some farmer’s markets do accept WIC vouchers and I believe one (Fondi Food Market) accepts EBT checks.

c. Milwaukee and the UWM area has many convenience stores with overpriced fruit and vegetables, of poor quality, and other cheap snack items. Most convenience stores and Walgreens accept WIC and EBT cards, but not the UWM stores.

d. There are a few community gardens in Milwaukee. Litter, upkeep, and food theft are issues. At UWM, students can rent a plot, but time and theft are issues.

e. Milwaukee is still a mostly meat and potatoes city. The UWM union has vegetarian options, but they aren’t always a “healthier” option (sodium, saturated fat, calorie content). Fresh fruit and vegetables are limited. And the fast food is available and cheaper.

3. Conduct the Physical Activity Assessment (on D2L). *Please turn in this checklist with your assignment. List the five most significant findings that you determined as a…

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