The Issue Of Sex Education Essay

2110 Words Dec 8th, 2016 9 Pages
Sex education, arguably one of the most controversial topics to surface in American politics over the past half century, poses a complicated problem to citizens and lawmakers alike. Following the AIDS epidemic and severe spike in teen pregnancy in the 1980s, lawmakers and educators began drafting and implementing more sex education classes and courses in public schools in an attempt to remedy the ever-growing issue. While the desired results of sex ed are largely agreed on, the subject matter of such teachings and practices used are a popular subject of debate.

Sex Ed is no stranger to fierce opposition from devout moralists (religiously motivated and secular alike), fundamentalists and ideologues who adhere to more traditional, restrictive sexual attitudes, hindering sex ed’s growth and implementation. However, not only are such programs held back by economic and methodology issues, but the very morality of such teachings is at question as well. The ethical and moral policy issues surrounding the subject give the issue of sex education an additional layer of complexity, although such has become more publicly accepted throughout the past several decades. The question of sexual education’s morality and content, as well as its effectiveness and scientifically supported success, has remained a controversial issue plaguing our nation. And while what the appropriate content of sex education remains a prominent discussion, the catalyst or source of the increasing acceptance of…

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