The Issue Of Same Sex Marriage Essay examples

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Not too long ago, homosexual man and woman were victims of physical and verbal violence. Just because they were born with a different preference, they were insulted, discriminated, beaten and isolated from society. They were the ones being shamed for what they were, and made to believe that what they felt towards another individual was morally wrong and against humanity. Over the past decades same-sex relations were never considered, until same-sex marriage was approved as law in all 50 states. This had allowed the threshold of gay rights to become expanded; resulting in many gay marriages at a certain period, (this is presented by the following image) (Granlund).

This period has affected our country in various ways, which has led us to where we are today. Today we begin to embrace the lifestyle of homosexuals, and acknowledge the struggles of these individuals. Although same-sex marriage is a new topic for all of us, we are open to comprehend how marriage may assist these individuals in practicing a truly satisfying and harmonious life. This journey of understanding is built upon different standpoints of society. One of which, projects same-sex marriage as a possible advantage that brings commitment into these relationships and the benefits of being a guardian. In contrary, others believe this subject has created great change, confusion and nothing but a trail of thoughts, such as, what are the effects of such companionship? Will our society suffer due to the refinement…

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