The Issue Of Police Shootings Essay

931 Words Dec 14th, 2016 4 Pages
In the most recent years, police shootings have taken the spot light more often than they used to. This is partially due to more media coverage of the incidents as well as more criminals taking action against law enforcement. Since there has been a large uprising against law enforcement recently, there are many questions on whether the police are truly to blame. The debates may never end, but we should still defend the police on the matter and prove that they are not always to blame.
There is lots of violence in the U.S. nowadays, but how much of that violence is shooting involved? According to in 2016 across the United States, there have been a total of 52,500 shooting incidents and 13,500 were deaths. With these deaths, only 1,722 of them was an officer involved incident or a subject-suspect was shot or killed. We can’t blame the police for every one of the shootings that occur because most of the time the suspect is to blame for being shot. According to on an article entitled, “Minneapolis Police Officers Will Not Be Disciplined for Fatal Shooting.”, that’s exactly what happened. Two police officers were attempting to arrest a man who was refusing to be cuffed when the suspect grabbed an officer’s gun. This led to the other officer shooting the man because he was then armed and could harm the officers. The locals wanted the officers to be charged for murder in this man’s death, but the judge decided otherwise. We need to stop falsely accusing…

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