The Issue Of Nuclear Technology Essay

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Scientists, when it comes to responsibility, will take credit when something helps people, but not when something kills a lot of people. If people’s tax dollars are paying for something, people do have a right to say what is being done with your tax money. Most scientists, if you ask them, will say that they have ethics. What they usually mean, according to Miller in lecture, is the legal thing. The law simply states what you can or can not do. It is just a piece of paper, more or less. Ethics is deeper than that, ethics and morality regard what you should and should not do. So most scientists follow laws and do not do anything illegal, but when it comes to ethics they will do anything to get research done. One of the big problem is lack of communication between scientists and the general public. One argument that often comes up is about nuclear technology. Nuclear technology can be used to make bombs or to power cities. It is either good or bad. Even if the technology is not morally neutral, the science behind it is. Most scientists will do anything if they are told they are allowed to. Josef Mengele was found but protected by the United States because he had very valuable research. He was good-looking, normal, and his main drive was intellectual curiosity. Mengele was told that he was able to do anything, and so he did it. That is a problem. Japan did it too in World War II, in unit 731. They were protected again, by the Americans, because they wanted the research. This…

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