The Issue Of Legalize Assisted Suicide Essay

1677 Words Feb 16th, 2016 null Page
This issue truly affects everyone in today’s society, especially Americans. With more and more states starting to legalize assisted suicide there are more debates and questions that develop. California is the latest state to pass the law, and later on this year it will be signed into action. Of course with any other law there are strict guidelines that go along with assisted suicide. The law will permit physicians to provide lethal prescriptions to mentally capable adults who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and that will pass within six months (McGreevy). The Governor of California Jerry Brown really put himself in patients shoes when he himself had been diagnosed with an illness. Deciding to pass the law he voiced that this will give people who are also suffering from a terminal illness some comfort in knowing that taking control and ending their life the way they want is an option (McGreevy). Not everyone who decides to get the prescription will actually take it, and as Governor Brown said, it’s a comfort to be able to consider the option. People are arguing with Governor Brown because they believe that doctors should remain doctors and remember the oath they took, especially stating that doctors should not go against the Hippocratic oath. But many doctors come back with the fact that the Hippocratic oath is no longer updated with today 's medicine and for people to pretend that it is still up to date shows a true lack of compassion and disregard not…

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