The Issue Of Law Enforcement Essay

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When the discussion of law enforcement comes across many would have an image of a group of masculine men in collared uniform. For decades this image has imprinted on our society of law enforcement’s identity, which has caused a hardship for women in this field. Although women are able to have a career in law enforcement today, they are still discriminated against due to their gender. Throughout time women were viewed as powerless and emotionally unstable for this field but as time progressed it has been found they have the same intelligence, communication, and compassion as male officers.
Over the years women have made progress fighting their career battles with society. Most believe women cannot be as successful as men when it comes to law enforcement. Female employees are known to have a less authoritative, low paying jobs such as waitressing, retail sales or a receptionist. However most women fall into the average ‘feminine’ job since the beginning of time, there is a handful who are interested in a career where they face the line of duty such as law enforcement. During the 1840’s many female activists fought for women’s rights addressing to society that women have a nurturing, feminine approach that can better society’s ills that males may not have. In 1845 the American Female Moral Reform Society was one of the campaigns who created ‘matron’ positions. Throughout the United States, women were hired as a ‘matron’ with the duty to monitor, protect and administer…

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