The Issue Of Global Warming Essay

2004 Words Jun 2nd, 2016 null Page
One of the biggest controversial topics in the media today is global warming. Whether it is politicians claiming it is a hoax or a new “scientific article” on why global warming is a natural process the earth goes through every couple hundred thousand years. On the other side of the scale, there are groups demanding that the government help regulate air pollution from natural gas and CO2 emissions caused from burning oil. These people just get pushed aside most times and ignored. Or they do not have enough support and funds to keep going and defending our only planet. Besides the controversial topic of global warming, there are so many other environmental issues that people are just turning a blind eye to. Today we are just going to look at the issue of energy consumption in correlation to global warming.
Seventy seven percent of all of the energy generated in the United States of America is nonrenewable (U.S. Energy). Seventy seven percent. Of that seventy seven percent, natural gas and coal make up more than fifty percent. This is not sustainable. And yet no one seems to care. The news headlines and breaking news include celebrity deaths and what the political candidates’ hair looks like today. There is not one headline that says something along the lines of we need to help our planet, keep the planet clean, how to help stop global warming. No one seems to care that we are slowly killing our planet. Slowly killing ourselves.
This is our planet. This is our only…

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