Essay The Issue Of Genetically Modified Organisms

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There is a big battle going on right in our back yard. It is the battle between labeling and not labeling. This battle has to do with the food industry not wanting to put crucial information on their products label. This information is about Genetically Modified Organisms. Most of the developed foreign countries have a law about GMOs being required to be on the label of food. Some countries have banned the sale of GMOs altogether, but not the United States. Europe requires a special label for foods with GMOs in it, as does China and Canada. Why are we left out? Why do we as consumers not get a say in what we put in our bodies.
The US does not have a labeling laws yet because we are misinformed about GMOs. GMOs are foods that have been changes from their natural form. Meaning that the food we are readily consuming cannot be found in nature. These foods are specifically engineered to be better “GMOs are plants or animals whose cells have been inserted with a gene from an unrelated species in order to take on specific characteristics.” (Lee) Food labels should require GMO information to be put on our food labels; because we have a right to know what we are putting in our bodies, that GMOs can cause health related problems when we eat them, they have been altered from their original state, and they have a major impact on our environment. GMOs should be required on our food labels because we as consumers have a right to know what we are putting into our bodies. As of right now…

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