The Issue Of Genetically Modified Food Essays

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Are GMOs Harmful
The issue regarding Genetically Modified Organisms is a very controversial topic, because our government is telling us that GMOs are good for us. However, are they really good for us, or is the government simply telling us this, because it is cheaper and easier to grow genetically modified crops? I believe that genetically modified organisms, or foods are not good for our health, genetically modified organisms are modified to grow faster using pesticides and many other chemicals. Can something that is not natural really be safe for our health? I choose to believe that it is not.
In the book Genetically Modified Food: Trade Regulation in View of Environmental Policy Objectives by Marie Kreipe, Kreipe states, “Genetically Modified food is based on genetically modified organisms, which can be defined as organisms in which the genetic material (DNA) has been altered in a way that does not occur naturally” (3). In making this comment, Kreipe believes that the GM foods are not natural and they have been changed to grow and adapt to the needs and wants of humans. Genetically modified foods have chemicals and certain pesticides that help them withstand bugs and parasites (Kreipe 4). Yet, even though they already have these chemicals some farmers still find the need to stray the crops at least 3 more times to ensure they have not been contaminated. However, could they be taking into consideration that all those chemicals they are adding is are harmful to our health.…

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