The Issue Of Gender Wage Gap Essay

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Women’s Place in the Workplace
With the use of many scholarly sources this report will explore the issue of gender wage gap with respect to men and women in the work force, mainly in Canada. Gender wage gap has been around for centuries, from before work was paid in wages and women were regarded as non-skilled workers, to present day where women are seen making $0.74 for every dollar a man makes in the same position. These issues of gender wage gap are as much related to gender discrimination as they are to the pre-determined social expectations of men and women. This report will explore the questions of why is there such a large pay gap, does a women’s position within a company determine the size of the gender wage gap, and finally, is there evidence to support the existence of the gender wage gap? The wage gap continues to exist due to the gender role discrimination seen in Canadian society; thus, proper pay equality cannot be achieved through an increase of education and experience alone, but alongside a change of society’s predetermined gender roles.

What is the Gender Wage Gap
According to Canada’s Pay Equity Commission (Referred to as the P.E.C. from here forward), the wage gap is narrowing but still exists due to many reasons including women’s leave from work, occupational segregation, traditionally lower education levels, as well as discrimination (Ontario Goverment, 2012). According to the P.E.C. when the first legislation, The Pay Equity Act, was enacted there was…

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