Essay The Issue Of Gender Identity

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This idea of passing and erasure doesn 't only apply to issues of gender identity, as an Asexual I have the argument of whether or not I belong in Queer or Straight Culture, hint it 's not Straight culture, on a daily basis because “Asexuals are practically straight” or “Asexuals are straight passing” (Anonymous Individual, 2016). The idea of straight passing, when I say passing I mean for all intents and purposes if someone passed me on the street they would have no doubt that I am straight unless I was obviously with a partner of mine. This idea has been used to put down Asexuals, Pansexuals, and Bisexuals, as well insinuating that whenever they are dating someone who is deemed opposite of their perceived gender identity, that they are straight passing and have straight privilege. Straight privilege is the idea of adhering to the social norms of Heteronormative culture, a culture normalized around heterosexuality, and benefiting from it. This argument forgets to explore that any person who isn 't public with their partner is straight passing, everyone you pass on the street could be gay, but since heterosexuality is naturalized as the default, it is what we assume everyone to be unless otherwise stated. This reinforces the sexuality binary, a social system whereby people are thought to have either of two sexualities: Heterosexual or Homosexual (Paraphrase of Teich, 2012, P. 5), by erasing any other sexuality in between or out of these two, Asexuality, Pansexuality,…

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