The Detrimental Effects Of Heteronormativity

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The Detrimental Effect of Heteronormativity
We live in a world of compulsive heterosexuality. All around us we are bombarded with images and ideals of heterosexuality, from advertisements to legislation. Similar to racial privilege, those who benefit from heterosexual privilege do not always realize how much easier life can be when sexual identity follows the societal norm. Not only does heteronormativity encourage the existence of heterosexuality as the only acceptable form of sexuality, it creates a stigma for homosexuality, bisexuality, and other so-called “deviant” forms of sexual expression that affects all members of society, no matter age or biological sex.
Heterosexual privilege extends far beyond the right to freely marry. Heterosexual couples generally do not worry about being able to access a loved one in a time of crisis or emergency. They receive support and recognition for an intimate relationship and are not met with anger or hatred when expressing affection in public. Although information presented in the media is not always accurate, heterosexual individuals can easily learn about love and relationships by watching television and going to the movies. Privilege extends to even insurance rates, as heterosexual couples can share policies without worry. They can participate in any religion
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Gay-identifying boys who still follow gender norms are considered relatively safe, for the most part, from the bullying as long as they continue exhibiting typical gender characteristics as determined by society. With the “fag discourse” still extremely prevalent in the adolescent experience, this means that both boys and girls of different sexualities are at risk of finding themselves in unsafe or compromising situations because of the pressure for boys to sexually dominate girls as part of fulfilling their expected gender

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