The Issue Of Gender Equality Essay

782 Words Nov 15th, 2016 4 Pages
The issue of gender equality is one that is still extremely prevalent in today’s society and culture. Despite societal attempts to reprimand derogatory behavior or comments that promote sexism, scandals such as the Harvard men’s soccer team’s ‘scouting report’ show that the problem still remains. Many males still view women in a negative way and feel a sense of superiority over them. This explains how events such as the Harvard men’s soccer scandal could have happened. Although there is no excuse for the inferior attitudes men sometimes place on women, I believe that predetermined biological, social, and cognitive factors that have been so heavily inflicted throughout the lifespan have made this behavior accepted and, in most cases, the social norm.
There are multiple biological factors that contribute to this type of behavior in males including the production of testosterone and also the evolutionary psychology view. Testosterone, an important androgen that promotes development of male genitals and secondary sex characteristics, has been linked to aggressive and sexual behavior in males (Santrock, 2016, p. 370). The evolutionary psychology view shows another another way in which biology can affect males behavior toward females. This view states that when the human species was evolving, males and females adopted differing roles in reproduction where males that inherited short term mating strategies thrived and the females task was to take care of the babies and search for…

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