Essay on The Issue Of Gender Differences

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As I wrestled with selecting my dominant personal concept of curriculum, as I sat in my Diversity and Social Justice Class, the choice seemed evident. As we discussed some of the world’s most thriving issues and pondered on the possible solutions to these problems it became apparent that only through education can we place society on track to utopia. I am realistic and know that utopia is not attainable, however, as humans, we should continually strive to attain a society that believes that every human; despite gender, race, socio-economic status, and heredity or any other factor there should be equal opportunities for the future. The Social Meliorism concept encompasses my view as to the purpose education (curricula) should serve in our society. Curricula should be used as a means of enlightening society, taking into account our differences, and be a driving factor for social change.
Let’s examine the issue of gender differences in mathematics achievement through the lens of a Social Meliorist, the issue probably would not exist if the prevailing belief in society were that of a Social Meliorist. There has long been a gap between male and female students in STEM areas and it seems to transfer into a lower representation of women in STEM career areas. In elementary and secondary levels, boys and girls score similarly on many state tests, and girls get relatively good grades in math classes. However, some gender differences in math attitudes and skills appear during…

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