The Problem With Boys By Chiarella And Nelson

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Equality Revolution Using stereotypes to categorize groups of people tends to be more detrimental than beneficial, for not just the groups themselves, but for society as a whole. This is detrimental because people typically want to stay within the boundaries of their stereotype to be considered normal or accepted, therefore avoiding the confrontation of judgment by society. In the essays written by Tom Chiarella, "The Problem With Boys," and by Mariah Burton Nelson, " I Won. I 'm Sorry," both authors address the problems with stereotypes based on gender. Chiarella and Nelson take on different angles on the argument of gender equality. As a result, Chiarella and Nelson use various arguments to explain the similar hindrance of stereotypes on …show more content…
In Chiarella 's essay, he points out that both the responsibility to fix these issues and the ones at fault, are men. He proposes: "Men have to be willing to care about the way boys are being treated, taught, and cared for in this country and advocate for them" (Chiarella 116). In the world today, especially due to the increasing amount of broken families, boys are left to the wayside without strong male role models. Boys need men to teach them how to be a man, and as do girls with women. However, as boys are lacking male role models in terms of a father, or father-figure, boys are getting lost in navigating through life and making responsible decisions. Therefore, boys make significant mistakes which lead to scoring lower on tests and not graduating high school or college. Similarly, Nelson, who believes that the fault of unequal treatment of women is derived by men. She states, "Makeup, jewelry, dress, and demeanor were often dictated by the male coaches and owner in these leagues" (Nelson 121). Although Nelson does not make a clear connection to whose responsible to fix this issue, it is alluded that this responsibility falls onto society as a whole. The general public needs to change their perception of how women should be. This is shown in the quote: "The lady issue is always there in the equation: something to redefine, to rebel against" …show more content…
These consequences include the hindrance of one 's possible potential to succeed and society confining gender specific stereotypes. Both these emanations constrict boys and girls from surpassing these set limitations. The authors ' different perspectives on how society can change these standards it has for each gender can conclude to not allowing these stereotypes to define an individual, but rather change comes from oneself and starts with how one thinks. As the way of thinking shifts to a broader perspective on the stereotypes of men and women, society can create more room to accommodate all that fit under that gender. Thus, the narrow stereotypes society once had in the past will be demolished by the people living in the present. This broadening of the views of men and women will be followed by creating a more equal competitive field, in which either one gender does not have significant advantages over the other. In this way, each gender will have an equal opportunity to reach their highest possible

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