The Issue Of Creationism Vs Creationism Essay examples

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One of the most debated issues in not only the scientific community, but also the government as well, is the issue of creationism versus evolution. Creationism is the belief that the origin of life was caused by a supernatural being, specifically God (“Creationism”, 2015). Surprisingly, the creationist movement only recently emerged in response to the newly formed theory of evolution. Creationism officially came into being in the early 1900 's to oppose the new teachings about the origin of life (“Creationism”, 2015). Charles Darwin was the first to introduce this new theory that caused a major uproar in the scientific field of life 's origin. Darwin published his theory in his writing, The Origin of Species, in 1859 at the same time a comrade, Alfred Wallace, published similar work (“Evolution”, 1999). Darwin’s theory proposed a new idea for the origin of life. This theory of evolution predicts all living things that exist today have evolved over the course of billions of years and are descendants of past life forms (“Evolution”, 1999). It is because of this extreme change in beliefs about the origin of life that society has been altered so drastically over the past century. Issues involving creationism and evolution began with the Scopes Trial. When a teacher in Tennessee was convicted of teaching evolution, the debate of the origin of life was brought to light (“Creationism”, 2015). The idea of anything but the story of Divine Creation being taught to students appalled…

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