The Issue Of Child Obesity Essay

1318 Words Nov 30th, 2014 6 Pages
The issue of child obesity has been a hot topic for many years. Health issues like obesity has effected hundreds of children in the United States. When children go to school they tend to follow their fellow classmates especially when it comes to school lunches. Kids would buy anything that is bright and colorful. Most of obesity has to do with peer pressure because if a certain friend does not pick the food that is pasta, patatos, or loaded with calories; instead, they pick something more healthy like a salad, fruit cups etc, they may not be as cool to their peers, for there food choices. Unfortunately most schools take away our athletics programs because lack of funds, decreasing the chance of physical activity during school hours. Depending on who is watching the child at home may let the child he/ she can get their hands on junk food. When in front of the television or on the computer. Begins Overweight can be from lack of athletics in schools, bad lunch choices, home issues. Across the country the school district have started to charge fees to do sports and other extracurricular activities. School budget not having any money, so schools are force to eliminate the afterschool activities. School sport coaches say, “if kids have to pay out of pocket to play sports they are more committed to the team”. Most people are arguing that extracurricular activities are part of a well-rounded education. According to the school district the reason for cutting school sports is…

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