The Isolation Of The United States Essay

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The United States treats its prisoners very inappropriately compared to other countries. In many European nations, prisoners are treated as individuals that have been steered in a wrong direction and simply need to be corrected. Sweden treats its convicts in just this way and they have reaped the rewards of this choice in policy. Looking at Sweden one can find a declining incarceration rate along with 56 prisons closing around the state (James). Since 2004 Sweden has innovated the whole idea behind their prison system, resulting in a massive 18 percent drop in detention rates. By orienting their jails around rehabilitation and focusing on having their detained return to society, the Swedish have seen remarkable success. In relation to the American idea of prison, people who commit crimes are a lost cause. Perhaps this is why neglect inside of prison walls has become another serious issue plaguing America. This problem can be attributed to the prison environment once again. The prison environment has been created through years of overpopulation and neglect. Prison culture has worsened the overall health conditions of inmates both mentally and physically. Overwhelmed with overpopulation and no further funding, many prisons have been forced to care for more people with basically the same amount of money despite rising incarceration rates. Since the early 1970’s states such as Texas and California have experienced particularly large amounts of overpopulation. This has led to…

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