The Is The Rust Of The Soul That Corrodes Through All Her Best Resolves

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This should be general or background information about the topic of your essay. The format it should follow: This can be in point form for the outline.

Hook: This can be a worldly statement, a quotation or a general phrase. Avoid clichés.
“Negligence is the rust of the soul that corrodes through all her best resolves.” This quote by Owen Felltham means that negligence can ruin everything in your life including relationship, and health.

Context and transition: This is where you will connect your hook to your actually topic. Remember to remain general, but give your topic some context.
Sarah Moorcroft is struggling to find who her real daughter is, which causes further harm to the family and their relationship unknowingly. This is not only Sarah but Kristie Moorcroft (daughter of Sarah Moorcroft). She not only causes harm but faces many conflicts that leave suspense and intensity in the novel.

Thesis statement: This should be one sentence, include your main argument and your three main supporting points.
After the death of Lydia, Kristie changes her persona to gain more attention from their mother, Sarah as she neglected Kristie when Lydia was alive. Sarah’s negligence caused psychological problems, disruption of relationships and a death of a human being.
*Read your thesis statement over. If you can answer the WHAT? HOW? And SO WHAT? questions, you have a good these statement*

Body Paragraph One
Topic: Physiological problems
First point/topic sentence:…

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