The Is The Idea Of Complete Freedom Essay

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Libertarianism is the idea of complete freedom. This idea is where every action taken has an infinite number of outcomes. Libertarianism goes to explain how we have the freedom to choose our outcomes due to the choices we make beforehand. For instance, kids born in different places that are brought to the same situation have different outcomes. Libertarianism talks about free will and where free will involves either uncaused, undetermined choices or choices caused by the executor himself, whose character is itself, uncaused, or caused through free choice. Free will is commonly seen in scenarios where a person has to make a decision and in the middle of their internal argument, there is a moment where the person has the free will to either make a certain choice between two. This is the essence of libertarianism, the idea that we have the freedom, in moments in life, that allows us to choose our own actions which in will result in our outcomes. Soft determinism is the idea that there is such thing as freedom that is compatible with determinism. These are philosophers who assert the truth of determinism and contradict that their deterministic views make it impossible for the existence of freedom and responsibility. This form of freedom is capable of being compared with libertarianism due to the similar understanding of freedom. In soft determinism, freedom is defined by the combination of will and capacity. A person needs both the will and capacity in order to being free. If…

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