The Is Killing Faster Than What A Cigarette? Essay

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Um, they take too long to heat up. Some you have to heat up the coal, you know, that’s what I had, I sold it already. I had the one you had to heat up the coal and the coal will heat up the Hookah so you can smoke it.

Interviewer: Why would someone like you choose to use Hookah?

Interviewee: I was trying to get away from cigarettes, but I found that Hookah basically is killing faster than what a cigarette can.

Interviewer: Why do you think that? [Timestamp][00:13:00].

Interviewee: Because um, I’ve heard a lot of things and people kept telling me to stop smoking and it kills you as much faster as Hookah. All Hookah is going to do is make your lungs die out. It felt like it was dying out slower, but it’s not, it’s actually doing it quicker.

Interviewer: So, you felt that way?

Interviewee: Uh-huh.

Interviewer: Or were people telling you that?

Interviewee: I felt that way and some people were telling me that, both actually.

Interviewer: And who are the people that are telling you that?

Interviewee: Friends, family.

Interviewer: Why do you think they, how do they get that idea.

Interviewee: Probably because somebody told them too or probably experience, I don’t really know.

Interviewer: Um, but you don’t consider it safe or safer than cigarettes?

Interviewee: Yeah, I do.

Interviewer: How did you first learn about using it, how to use it?

Interviewee: Like, people on television, seen the commercial and I just get one and Facebook too. [Timestamp][00:14:00].…

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