The Is An Expression Of The Poetic Imagination Essay

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Everyone has the right to believe in religion and different gods. Like the Near East society they had many gods that they turned too in times of trial and even happiness to help them and make different choices for them; they had myths to make trials easier. The Hebrew society had one god that they worshipped and spoke with in dealings with man, and they cherished life and what god gave them. These societies sound opposite of one another, but they have very many similarities. First, The Near East society was a very romantic and genuine but cruel people. They loved to write poetry, especially about the Pharaohs; they wrote about love, passion, and even misogyny. This is a story and myth based culture; it played in every part of their life. This is where their religion also played a part in their society. They believed all the myths that were told, and that the gods controlled everything in their life from the weather to their health. “Myth is an expression of the poetic imagination; it proclaims a truth that is emotionally satisfying, not one produced by intellectual analysis and synthesis” (Perry 21). They Near East society sought comfort in these myths, especially in death to make it more bearable and less overwhelming. But they had very cruel rules and laws found in the Code of Hammurabi. They tried to find a punishment the fit the crime. In the book, “Sources of the Western Tradition” by Marvin Perry is says, “Another feature of Hammurabi’s code is that the penalties vary…

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