The Is A Saying By Thomas Jefferson, All Men Are Created Equal

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There was a saying by Thomas Jefferson “All men are created equal.” This quote was written in the Declaration of Independence by one of our founding fathers and is one of the most recognized quotes in history. All I see in that quote is “men”, where is the “women” in this quote. I understand that back then men had all the rights but this country was founded on “equality for all.” Since then, times have changed drastically and women have certainly received rights, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying “equal rights.”
There are many people that see the equality between men and women but one place that it hasn’t been present is the sports world. Gender in all sports has been an issue even since sports came about. In the late 1700’s sports became more popular. There was golfing, horse riding, billiards, etc. and men were the only ones able to participate in these athletic activities. Men of the upper class and lower class had more rights when it came to these activities. While the men were allowed to participate, women were left on the sidelines only to watch. Many of these rules began to change within the last century or so. Women were getting more and more rights to participate in sports, but it wasn’t an easy fight.
Eventually, Title IX (Education Amendments Act of 1972) was introduced to the United States in hopes to fix the inequality between genders. By the NCAA’s website Title IX states “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from…

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