The Is A Big Deal About A Male Being Circumcised Or Not? Essay

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Male Circumcision
Why is there a big deal about a male being circumcised or not? There are many reasons why it is done: cultural or social, religious beliefs, hygiene, and/ or they want them to look like other men in the family. For some parent’s it is a hard decision to make. It is important to talk to your obstetrician, and weigh the pros and cons.
About 54% of males in the United States are circumcised now. In the early 2000’s it was a higher rate of 65%.The circumcision is usually performed when the child is 2 to 10 days of age, and before they leave the hospital. Or for some doing it religiously, they would do it at their own religious center by volunteers or medical staff.
About 117 boys die each year in the United States after being circumcised. Most of which are either from infections and loss of amounts of blood. Signs of infection might be abnormal urination within 12 hours of the procedure, foul smelling discharge or drainage, persistent bleeding, or if the plastic ring doesn’t fall off within 2 weeks. If any of these symptoms occur, you need to talk to the doctor.
The healing process takes anywhere from a week to 10 days. The doctor might advise you to use over the counter pain killers, after the anesthesia wears off. You can slightly loosen the diaper so it doesn’t rub on the tip of the penis and keep antibiotic on it to prevent from getting an infection.
Studies show that newborns can feel the same amount of pain as an adult, so is it fair that we put them…

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