The Iron Bull 's Jaw Essay

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They were biting their tongues whenever she walked by. She saw it in the tightening of The Iron Bull’s jaw, the way Blackwall would rub the nape of his neck in the pauses of conversation, and the shift of Varric’s eyes. They wanted to ask her, but they refused to make the first move. Sure they made silent attempts to provide comfort, which she appreciated. For example when Cassandra would offer her a smut filled book across the campfire offering a getaway, or perhaps it was Dorian’s firm hand on her shoulder offering support, or maybe even Bull’s silent offer to make her forget, if only for a night. She would turn them all down. Time and time again she would give a quick upturn of her lips and a solemn shake of her head. Lavellan understood they were trying, but there was only so much they could do for her. Only so many hugs that could warm her skin, only so many books that could keep her attention from him. No matter what escape they offered, the moment she stopped bussing herself she would be graced with his memory.

Every morning was the same. She would stumble down the steps and out the door of her room into the main hall of Skyhold, and her eyes would be drawn to his door. She chastised herself over and over, but she could not prevent being drawn to his room. Her hand resting on the doorframe, the magnetic pull threatening to suck her in through the gaps between the hinges. The eyes on her back scorched her flesh. Pricking her skin almost as if dagger striving to…

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