The Involvement Of Parents And Their Effects On Students ' Behavior And Learning

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I really enjoyed doing this assignment. Through this field experience, I became involved in committees and sat in many meetings. I started by getting involved with the parent involvement committee. The involvement of parents is very important in schools. Parents can have an impact on students’ behaviors and learning. It also helps the school by building a positive culture. Through the commit-tee, we worked on various events to meet the needs of our parents. One event we did was our first art fair. We invited parents to come and enjoy an afternoon of art projects with their kids. We had a smaller turnout than other events, but it was great for parents to spend time doing projects with their kids. Just like our other family events, we made sure to have flyers for our teachers to send home with their students. Our principal also encouraged teachers to promote the event by asking teachers to give extra credit or not give homework the night of the event. During the event, our principal talked to parents and took pictures. I translated for the princi-pal since the majority of our parents are Spanish speakers. These family events meet some of the leaders standards set by the MO Department of Education. It meets standard 4 (Collaboration with Families and Stakeholders), and standard 2 (Teaching and Learn-ing). Another big focus of my field experience was becoming part of our Dual Language Study Group. This group focus is to im-prove our dual language component at our…

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