The Inventions Of Thomas Edison's Major Achievements

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Do you know who is Thomas Edison? Do you know what invention made him who he is? I choose this person because I like to know and understand what kind of scientist Edison is and he is a very important person because of his inventions. This inventor is not like other that have great school degrees. He is a guy who wanted to make a change. My main point is that I want to know how he started and who he became to be during the time. Did he make the change? Did he do something to get him into history? If he would have taken a different path in his life, would it change our way of living and the way things work and did he make a change? I also learned that he was a slow learner but that did not change the way he was going to and maybe he did reach …show more content…
One of the greatest invention he is known for is the Electric Light Bulb which he did not get in the first time but learn things that he was missing yet that did not stop him. The first Electric Light Bulb that worked was working for about 40 hours and the second Electric Light Bulb was working for about 225 hours. One of the great quotes he had said was, “ I have not failed I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won 't work”. This explained how many times he had tried to invent the Electric Light Bulb. Another major thing he did was to be the first scientist with a laboratory which was built in Menlo Park. He has also put a record of having the most patents and still at this time he’s the one with the most patents. A patent is a title for a set period, especially the sole right to exclude others from making, using, or selling an invention. He had also invented the Movie Camera which is why we now see it in the theater thanks to the invention of Thomas Edison. What would we have if he hadn 't invented what he invented? What or who would 've invented the lightbulb and would we still be living like we live now without the light bulb? What if he wasn 't born what change would be giving to history? He did not only won patents but he also got many medals and award due to his experiments and …show more content…
They named it Edison in his honor. I believe this is the greatest achievement for him and that he made history with both his invention and laboratory. He was able to build the lab with the funds of the sale of Edison’s Quadruplex Telegraph. This was a great accomplishment for him with the money he made history and he is honored by all the scientist. A lab for an inventor is a great way to be focused on the invention you 're doing with other interrupting you at all times. But not all scientist had a lab to make inventions but had home labs because they did not have the money to build their labs.
He is a well-motivated scientist that made a change in the world and he had a great impact in the history of America. He was a respected man with a great mind and used his great mind to the fullest and if he had not died then he would of he came up with more inventions that would have changed our world. Did he keep in mind that this would of changing his life dramatically and for good or for bad? His life was never normal he was always changing in life. Our titles now, he is known as a great scientist that made a

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