What Is Albert Einstein's Contribution To Mathematics?

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thinking in pictures then understanding words . well okay that a little about his child hood.
Albert’s Adult hood he publishes four ground breaking works in the “Annealed der Physic” and I guess that’s for like a physics around the 1900s Albert deuces the formula E=mc squared. In April Albert also hands in a physics work. In the middle of January Albert is awarded a doctorate by the University of Zurich and also in April he is promoted to be a second class technical expert at the patent office. In July he is awarded his first hoary doctor at the university of Geneva .later on in his adult hood he had gotten a call to the German University in Prague. He becomes the member at Naturforschende Gesellschaft of Zurich. Later on after that he becomes
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He had made Nuclear power as in like working with math and the facts for it. Like about the mass of a nucleus and the amount of weight and everything to do with that and he had many inventions also this is how it is contributed to mathematics While Einstein was remembered for his contributions to physics he also made contributions in mathematics. He paid several equations to calculus and geometry ten of which are called the Einstein Field Equations. He first published these equations in 1915. One of these equations proves how stress energy causes turn of space time. He had many inventions in his life he had made geometry equations and problems and was one of the most people to solve a mathematic equation. He was a very intelligent man but he didn’t seem to know or do much till after he had started getting into math and other things. He had made very interesting things and even in college he even had helped other and he made a club to help others who were interested in science and math just like he was so then later on after that he had many of people do make and come up with many ideas to make and do for experiments for fun instead of dong boring things in college and partying like most people he and his friends wanted to actually do things and discover new …show more content…
He didn’t like the teaching means there so he added classes to carry out experiments in the physics laboratory or play his violin. With the help of his classmate’s notes he passed his exams he graduated in 1900. Einstein was not considered a good student by his teachers and they refused to recommend him for further employment.so yeah he has done teaching and he was a great teacher he would have done more things and he had made kids understand whatever they were doing he has done math with science and he does a lot with math he even makes his own equations so yeah he has came up with the math equations that we use a day now and how they have become so many things for us so in a way he has done a lot and helped us with math equations and everything

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