The Invention Of The Printing Press Essay

754 Words May 21st, 2016 4 Pages
The Renaissance was a period of drastic change which brought about new innovations. A technological innovation, the printing press, was among these new ideas. We read newspapers, books, and see advertisements daily without considering where any of it originated. Well, it all started with the printing press. This essay will discuss the origins, the evolution, and the impact the printing press has had on todays society. The printing press originated in the early 15th century in Germany. It was a combination of already existing various techniques to make the first moveable metal type; a milestone in its development. Techniques were combined from China and Korea. Erasmus provided the idea behind it, however, Johann Gutenberg acknowledged its potential. He invented the single metal types for every letter of the alphabet and assembled them accordingly. The purpose of the printing press was originally to make ink markings in metal jewellery as Gutenberg was a metal smith. He later linked it to the way other craftsmen used ink stamps to print books. Its purpose then proceeded to mass printing books, religious pamphlets, professional references, biographies, and more. The printing press was much more efficient than hand copying. Gutenberg’s motivation was the profit the mass production would bring him as he had a low-income. The printing press provided the 15th century’s society with knowledge, information through hard copy books and documents. The original printing press was…

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