Essay on The Intuitive Trait Of Nurses And Among The Research

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Another piece of information that could be in favor of arguing that each individual possesses the intuitive trait involves another research article and experiment about nurses. In the article it is examining intuition in nurses and among the research it is found that reflecting on previous decisions helped to improve intuition in nurses (King L & Appleton JV, 1997). This can be used to suggest that when an individual looks back on past decisions they will be improving the intuitive trait. Whenever an individual thinks back to a previous decision they will be improving intuition and therefore it can be argued that anyone revisiting past decisions is exhibiting the intuitive trait.
When looking at the dynamics of the intuitive trait it can be seen that it is usually paired off or against another aspect. This can be seen from the research looking into rational belief and intuition. Here the intuitive trait is looked at through the process of thinking and is compared with and against rational belief (Gilovich et al., 2002). However, this is not the only instance where the intuitive trait is placed with or against another aspect.
This is also illustrated in the Myer’s Briggs personality test. In this test there are four components that are looked into to describe an individual’s personality. There is extraversion and introversion, intuitive and sensing, thinking and feeling, and then there is judging and perceiving. In this personality test intuitive and sensing are paired off…

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