The Intruder AnalysisEssay

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In Andre Dubus's short story "The Intruder", Dubus tells a story of a young boy losing his innocence to protect his sister's, while struggling to find his place between boyhood and manhood. The young boy, who is named Kenneth, can be associated with many biblical allusions concerning the scenarios he is put in. In "The Intruder", Kenneth's relationship with Connie is being intruded on and he must protect it with his gun, the only symbol of manliness and power he has. In some ways, Kenneth can be portrayed as a Christ figure because of his sacrifice for his sister like Jesus did for the world. Kenneth can be seen as many things, but all he wants to be is a manly hero.

Even though he commits a sin, Kenneth does many things that can be
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Kenneth is kind of odd, he is always alone in the woods or with his sister. He has been highly influenced by World War Two movies and imitates them by himself in the woods behind his house: Occasionally, he lifted his twenty-two-caliber rifle and fired at a rusty tin can across the creek, the can becoming a Nazi face in a window as he squeezed the trigger and the voices filled him You got him Captain. You got him. For half an hour he fired at the tin can, and anyone who might have seen him could never know that he was doing anything else, that he had been wounded in the shoulder and lost half is men but he had captured the farmhouse (Dubus 220).
Because of the war movies he has seen, Kenneth wants to be manly and strong, maybe even a soldier. He wants to be taller, stronger and manlier and have broader shoulders than his father. "His father was not tall either, but his shoulders were broad. Kenneth wondered if his would be like that when he grew older" (Dubus 221). At age thirteen though, none of these things are true and the only thing he has is his gun. The gun is a symbol that can be perceived in many ways - it can mean a hunter's tool, a person's toy or a weapon. "Even in a fairly clear-cut case we can't pin down a single meaning, although they're pretty close. So some symbols do have a relatively limited range of

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