The Interview That I ' M Essay

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The interview that I’ m doing is with Mrs. V, she is a teacher at head start for 9 years. She is a bilingual teacher and works with 4 year olds that are turning 5. She has a total of 20 kids and there is a total of two teachers. The other teacher Ms. M has been at head start for 2 years and she is English speaking. In head start each room is filled with an English speaker and a Spanish speaker. The reason for this is because head start makes up 60 percent Latinos and 40 percent are Spanish speaking in their home language. The native language is half English and half Spanish speaking children. I teach them both languages in my classroom. The thing I like most about my job is spending time with the little ones that are Spanish speaking and teaching them it is okay to talk in their language. Teaching them that I ‘m interested in their success of the English language. It is okay to get frustrated and it’s okay to be shy, but to teach them how to express it without being aggressive. I love working with the English language children and teaching them a little Spanish. She loves her job and she loves interacting with the children. Mrs. V. said, one parent came to her and said how amazed she was that her child was using Spanish, and another parent said how amazed her child was picking up English.” “Mrs. V. said we do English and Spanish every day at circle time and everything in the class is labeled with Spanish and English and the books in the library are the same way.” Ms. V…

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