Essay on The Intervention For The Experimental Design

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Brief, Reversal Phase: A short, one week reversal back to baseline phase was utilized to strengthen the experimental design. During this time, the HRT intervention or any other interventions treatments were withdrawn. Only one week was allowed to minimize ethical concerns of removing treatment.
2nd Intervention Phase: After the short, one week reversal phase, the intervention treatment was implemented for the remaining two weeks of the study. The same HRT intervention treatments used in the first intervention phase were used in this phase as well.
Baseline and intervention data are illustrated in Figure 1. The baseline data presented both downward and upward trend pattern of nail cuticle-biting behaviors. The mean value of the baseline is 6 and the standard deviation is 1.26. The first intervention phase data a downward trend pattern can be observed, which signifies a decrease in the amount of nail cuticle biting behaviors performed. The mean value of the first intervention data is 2.16, with a standard deviation of 1.47. Once the HRT intervention was applied, the targeted nail cuticle -biting behavior began to decrease. Referring to the reversal phase data, a increase trend pattern in nail cuticle biting behavior can be observed from removing the treatment for only one week. The mean value of the reversal phase is 3, with a standard deviation of 1. Lastly, during the final intervention phase a steady decrease trend pattern can be seen when the treatment was…

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