The Interrogation Of Torture And Torture Essay examples

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Torture is a commonly debated subject, some believing it is an appropriate means of receiving wanted information, while others believe it to be unjust and a completely cruel idea. Torture is not only severely damaging to the the prisoner, it is also extremely detrimental to the perpetrator as well. According to CNN’s report on the investigation into the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence 's report on the CIA and its detention and interrogation program, of 119 detainees captured between 2002-2008, 26 were found to be wrongfully held. Innocent people are losing their lives due to the ineffectiveness and cruelness of torture. In addition, 39 of these detainees were “subjected to enhanced interrogation techniques, which included sleep deprivation, waterboarding, prolonged standing and exposure to the cold.” These methods of torture can not be found to be justified in any means. The government methods of retrieving information must be changed, and laws should be put in place to stop this behavior. Although torture has been used successfully by some governments around the world, it should not be legal for any government to use as it is a violation of civil rights, it is not always successful and dehumanizes people.
The history of torture in the United States begins with the 5th amendment in 1789. This amendment states that an accuser has the right to remain silent and not incriminate themselves. In addition, the 8th Amendment prohibits the use of cruel and unusual…

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