The Internship, Two Men, Billy Mcmahon And Nick Campell Essay

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In the movie, The Internship, two men, Billy McMahon and Nick Campell, lose their job due to the workplace becoming a technology driven field and they are left to find a new way of making ends meet, they decide to take an internship at, Google, to help kick start their new lives. While at Google the two men are paired with a group on young adults who are fighting for a position at Google as well, through working with this group the two men come to realize just how much has changed since their college days. They discover how important the digital world and how the work place has changed, one of the many topics explored in this film included teenagers/young adults and their lives online.
The character, Stuart, is often seen with his phone attached to his hand, no matter what the team was doing, his phone was present, even during the Quidditch match he kept his eyes glued to his phone. While this is a bit of a caricature of how teens are now-a-days with their phone, it isn’t too far from being accurate. It has been researched that 92% of teenagers go online daily, 91% of teens said that they would access the internet via their mobile device, and that 24% of teenagers admitted to being online and feeling the need to be online constantly. (Lenhart) These appear to be true, most students here on campus appear to own a cell phone that can access the internet and you can often look up and find a student whose eyes are looking in to their phone. This was present in the film as well,…

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