The Internet Is Very Enjoyable And Productive For Most People

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The use of the Internet is very enjoyable and productive for most people. There are more people using the Internet. “Since 1989, the online population worldwide has grown from 500,000 to over 700 million users worldwide” (ClickZStats, as cited in Morahan-Martin, 2004). The Internet plays a large part in public relations. Computer has been widely used in our daily life and work, such as home, companies, and government departments. Computers have greatly improved the way business operations in their respective industries. According to Alexis Writing said (2015), computers can not only to increase the speed of the operations between various departments but also have a positive impact for the company 's Organization, Self-Sufficiency, Cost-Effective, Cheaper Research and Development and Sales. However, with the development of the Internet, computer security has also become a major concern for businesses and government. They may want to be able to use the Internet for e-commerce, advertising, information dissemination and access, as well as the advantages of other pursuits, but they also need to worry about the possibility of "hacked." At the same time, many customers of these services are worried about maintaining control of personal information that varies from credit card numbers to social security numbers and home addresses. According to the Open Security Foundation found in 2012 that a record shows that 1,520 cyber security breaches incidents that resulted in lost data…

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