Essay on The Internet Can Make You Or Break You

1000 Words Sep 6th, 2015 null Page
The Internet Can Make You Or Break You Everyone can admit that writing an essay is the last thing that they want to do. They would rather watch football (as I am currently doing), eat food, or just watch their favorite show on Netflix. Some go to extremes to avoid writing a paper, such as copying and pasting from someone else, or pay a company or an individual to write a decent paper. Websites such as,, and, are some of the many websites that can take your essay requirements; For example, this essay needs to be a thousand words, MLA format, and double spaced with multiple sources cited. The best that would come out of these essay writing sites, would be most of the requirements, but the sources wouldn’t be cited correctly and the paper would be plagiarized itself. In many instances, articles would mention how the teacher or professor would find something fishy with the document, and after a little bit of research, would find the piece either copy and pasted word for word or rewritten in someones own words. On Tarrant County Community College’s Student Handbook, they have zero tolerance for plagiarism, whether it be copy and pasted, purchased off of an essay writing website or rephrased in your own words. They use an anti-plagiarism website, called, which will feed the essay through multiple servers that ranges from essays to articles, checking that the piece of writing is original work. Colleges and high…

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