The International History Review : Annotated Bibliography Essay

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Work Cited
Krepon, Michael. The International History Review 29.1 (2007): 214–216. Web... The book The International History Review explains a series of the historical events happened in history of the world, which included the United States. One these historical events were about the comprehensive nuclear ban treaty that the United Nations had sign in order to ban nuclear testing. This passage went on to explain the reasons for banning nuclear testing in the world. In addition, a journalist named Keith .A Hansen who covered the comprehensive nuclear ban treaty event describe the events in detail. Hansen described reasons for banning nuclear weapon usage was the United Nation came to a conclusion that no nation should again test the most powerful weapons that can obliterated mankind existence, and it will ultimately wreck havoc the earth geological system. Furthermore, Hanson continued examination of the comprehensive nuclear ban treaty by creating the probabilities of event that it can lead to such as withdrawing funding to other nations or the resumption of the treaty. Hanson reports were more negative than was positive.
Mitchell, Alison. "Clinton, at U.N., Signs Treaty Banning All Nuclear Testing." The New York Times. The New York Times Company, 26 Sept. 1996. Web. 15 Nov. 2015. The New York Times newspaper has posted a passage explaining the president of the middle 1990s era of the action that was done to sign the treaty banning all the nuclear testing. The…

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