The International Civil Aviation Organization Essay

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As the FAA continues to develop policies and procedures for unmanned aircraft, the industry is continuing its booming development with almost limitless possibilities. However, as regulations are instituted, the unmanned industry is finally approaching a point where hobbyists and commercial operators are being defined separately. No longer can someone sell footage of their weekend outing with their system, or inspect a farmer’s crop health for a quick payment on the side. With state regulations and now the official passing of AC 107-2, the FAA has clearly outlined certification and commercial operation of an unmanned system within the normal category weight range. With this, there are operating restrictions and waiver options to work along with 333 Exemptions and Certificates of Authorization. Although the new regulations may seem foreign to operators who once freely flew their systems, the international civil aviation organization, (ICAO) has been in the works planning and forcing the hand of individual governments to follow in suit of their policies. For reference, an operator can look back a few years to ICAO’s Circular 328 and their reports on UAS. Therefore, one can observe that the regulations proposed by the FAA are not by whim and random decision, but are pulled from the international governance board for aviation and have a large backing and are fully legitimate in their practice. Although weight categories may seem insignificant to the average hobbyist, most do not…

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