The Internal Struggle Of Shakespeare 's Macbeth Essay

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In every human, there is both good and evil. The two sides of a spirit are constantly at war with one another, and sometimes one side wins. This is the case in Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Though Macbeth fights his desire to be king, he is overtaken by his hunger for power. Lady Macbeth wishes her husband to be king and she does not care how it is done. Malcolm could choose run and leave his beloved country to the lunatic who killed his father but instead returns to a land of danger to protect his people. In each of these characters, the internal struggle is demonstrated.
In the beginning of the play, Macbeth is called “brave” and “noble.” He is indeed both of these things and is a great warrior, a hero. However, after hearing the witches’ prophecies and choosing to believe them, his greed and ambitious wife press him into an impossible situation. Even after hearing the prophecies and being given the title of Thane of Cawdor as the witches predicted, he tries to convince himself not to kill the King, saying, “If chance will have me King, why, chance may crown me,/ Without my stir.” (1.3.144) This shows that although his ambition has begun to stir, his heart is still unwilling to hurt or murder another in cold blood, especially one he has sworn to protect. He is reluctant to break the connection with God and is reluctant to show others that it is okay to kill the king. He even says that the idea of killing Duncan “...doth unfix my hair/ And make my seated heart knock at my ribs.”…

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