The Innovation Of Self Driving Cars Essay

1052 Words Jun 19th, 2015 null Page
As an irreplaceable transportation tool in human life, the vehicle has rapidly advanced in recent years. The future vehicle will have a sensor, which can scan 600 feet of distance around the vehicle, which is a self-driving technology (Markoff, 2014). The innovation of self-driving cars is kind of a life-changing breakthrough because it can reduce the stress of drivers and guarantee road safety. Smart technology like voice control, driver override system, Biometric vehicle access and a driverless feature are functions that will provide people with a simple and safe way to drive a car in the future. Advanced technology makes driving much easier and safer. First of all, the voice recognition allows people to control a future car by their voice. When people want to do some specific things in the vehicle, they can speak to the system and the system will follow their commands. For instance, Siri is the current technology for voice recognition in the iPhone, people can record their words to talk with Siri and Siri collects the key words, then it finds matching information for them on the Internet. Siri is like basic voice recognition software, and the current voice control technology in vehicles is similar to Siri. According to BMW, after people touched a button, the voice control system allows them to say limited words to control the vehicles, such as navigation, climate control, make a phone call or spoken command. In general, people can only control the vehicle with…

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